No Advertising! No campaigning! Yet Pink Lotus steals the show on its own. We believe that glamor doesn’t have to go “Bling- Bling” – It can be subtle yet appealing- Glamourous without being over-powering. In short our dictum is to be gorgeous – NOT LOUD! Designers often forget that Fashion is not all about “Rampwalk”. It should be for all and sundry i.e. Totally wearable. We offer a range of Indian silhouettes from Lehengas to Sarees to Salwar kameezes. Pink


Lotus is all about an amalgamation of the choicest variety of creations under one roof. It is about giving the contemperory woman an informed choice about the best in class creations, limited only about imagination!A boutique that offers a

comfortable and approachable environment.
To showcase quality, well-constructed fashions with prominent and cutting-edge designs.
To offer a variety of beautiful , casual and high-end ethnic fashion clothes.
To help women learn what clothing and styles go best with their unique personalitiesIn the land of gem stones Jaipur, a stone studded outfit just comes naturally. Looks rich & dazzling and is the cynosure of all eyes in a party! All the archaic elements of different embroideries are beautifully amalgamated together to create a very contemperory outfit. Its tradition inter-mined with modernity. Some embellishments are a characteristic of Rajasthan and is a true inspiration for artists of all times.

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